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Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System
The Shearwater TSCM Hunter XD is an equipment resource designed to detect, locate, and identify radio transmitters used for surreptitious surveillance. Hunter XD is designed to detect virtually all known, or theoretically possible, radio device attacks to 10 GHz, with an ease of use previously impossible.
Hunter XD is a Differential Field Gradient Radio Microphone Detector. The system
works by detecting the rapidly changing Electromagnetic field created by an adjacent
radio device, while rejecting the strong but essentially constant electromagnetic fields
due to distant but powerful broadcast transmitters.
The search Head of Hunter XD contains two balanced ultra wide band detectors positioned side by side. The Hunter XD functions
by comparing the outputs from the two detectors on the Search Head. When the Search Head is detecting only innocent
broadcast transmissions from distance sources, the output from each of the two Search Head detectors is equal, and Hunter XD
will give little or zero meter indication. When the Search Head is moved over a Radio Microphone, the Hunter XD metering detects the imbalance providing indication on the display metering, usually a full scale deflection.
The Hunter XD is a one of a kind equipment resource that picks up where other near field detectors leave off and provides advancements in performance for both detecting and locating electronic transmitting devices while being designed for use by both experienced and non-experienced countermeasures personnel.
  • Frequency Range: HF<10MHz - 100MHz / VHF, UHF, Microwave 100MHz - 10GHz
  • Detection capabilities: All types of Radio Microphone including “Smart” bugs, such as frequency hopping and spread spectrum.
  • Audible Warning: SONAR or Listen (demodulation) modes, via closed back head phones.
  • Visual warning: Field strength with direction finding read out.
  • Sensitivity control with a 21 increment scroll setting and near square law characteristic.
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 7.2V. Typically 6 hours operation.
  • Test Source: Wideband multiple harmonics 100-300MHz.
Case Dimensions:
  • Size: 525mm x 436mm x 217mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
Delivery Kit:
1 x Search Head
1 x Signal Processor/ Extendable boom assembly
1 x Headset
2 x Lithium Ion Batteries
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Test Source
1 x User Manual
1 x Transit Case
Hand held with antenna system mounted on a telescopic boom. The antenna head is detachable for easy storage in custom foam lined case. Supplied with high quality closed back head phones.
* Contact us for pricing information.
* Quantity discount pricing available.
* 1 year warranty
* Delivery time - approx. 4 weeks

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