RD40 Automatic RF and Cellular Detection System

The RD40 is a special radio receiver designed for instant detection of RF, digital wireless telephones, GSM electronic surveillance devices and other RF transmitters.

A special ultra-fast scanning system detects low power listening transmitters even in conditions where much stronger TV, FM, mobile phone or radio signals disable other conventional detection systems.

The unique radio part of the RD40 provides very fast, accurate and effective scanning of the spectrum range 36-5900 MHz both automatically and manually.

All parameters are optimized for continuous use and easy operation by the non-specialist. In comparison with other systems on the market, no special training is required – if you can set your video recorder you can use this unit!

The basis of the system is the spectrum memory. Ultrafast scanning takes place every six seconds and the received signal is compared with the initially stored “clean” background spectrum. The presence of a new signal activates a three-level alarm output and the new signal is stored in independent alarm memory. An intelligent system monitors the pre-alarm, alarm, and post-alarm phases and this eliminates false alarms caused by different legal signals such as mobile radios, cordless phones,
GSM phones and air radios.

The unit is user-friendly, with a simple two-line LCD display providing information about all system functions and a built-in loudspeaker allowing an immediate check of all radio signals. The system is protected against un-authorized interference by a unique identification code which is automatically generated during the previous memory-in cycle.

The Main Advantage: Unattended Permanent Protection

  • Works permanently 24 hours a day monitoring RF activity without interruption.
  • Designed to work continuously and will alarm with any unauthorized activity.
  • Each unit can be connected on a proprietary network.
  • Up to 36 units can be linked within a network and controlled by dedicated software.
  • High sensitivity of selective superheterodyne receiver (in microvolts).
  • The selective processing of the entire radio spectrum allows automatic separation of legal signals and weak bug transmitters.
  • Three-level intelligent processing of new signals only (pre-alarm/alarm/post-alarm) eliminates virtually all alarms caused by legal transmissions.
  • The RD40 is sensitive and selective enough to protect the VIP office.
  • Its small size and attractive design, with clear controls supported by a well-arranged 2×16 character LCD display, allow permanent installation in any room.
Technical Specifications:
  • Frequency range 36-5900 MHz
  • Sensitivity for S/N = 10 dB 43-50 MHz, 40-1000 V50-1200 MHz, 20-40 V
  • 1200-5900 MHz, 40-1000 V
  • Demodulation WBFM, NBFM, AM
  • IF bandwidth 400 kHz
  • LCD display 2×16 character alphanumeric
  • Signal strength measurement 40 level LCD line bars
  • Distance measurement for 1mW source 1-50 meters
  • Background spectrum memory 512 multi-frequency channels
  • New (alarm) signal memory 16 re-writable channels
  • ID codes against unauthorized use 65536
  • Fine-tuning +/- 1 multi-frequency channel
  • Frequency measurement 36-5900 MHz, resolution 0.1 MHz
  • Automatic scan cycle duration 6 seconds
  • Alarm output Optical and acoustic
  • Power 9V internal ACCU or 6F22 battery
  • Current consumption while scanning 44 mA
  • Size 136 x 49 x 137 mm
  • Weight (inc. battery) 620 g
  • Front panel volume control
  • Battery low indicator
  • Cross polarity protection
  • Built-in telescopic antenna

Device attested: EN 50 081-1 and EN 55022 (EMC – class B)

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  • 1-year warranty

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