Cellular Safe 22

Counter Cellular Eavesdropping Safe box

The Cellular Safe 22 is designed for the protection of audio information from eavesdropping via cellular networks from multiple mobile phones. It also protects from covert activation of mobile phone audio recording.


Ultimate Double Proof Protection
Shielded body blocks electromagnetic radiation and mobile phones located inside the device are unable to set a connection with a base station. Ultrasound and acoustic noise generators provide speech masking, making audio incomprehensible.

Advanced Technology
The latest technology ensures protection against any existing mobile phone eavesdropping, supporting any type of mobile phone or other communication devices.

High Capacity
Supports up-to 22 mobile devices of any type.

Smart Concept
For each device stored, a corresponding token with a relevant number is given to the owner. Thus the token has a double function: it activates the cell after the ejection and identifies the phone’s owner.

Standalone Rugged Design
Rugged shatterproof case with built-in battery provides up to 20 hours of protection.


Total amount of protective cells


Amount of cells with ultrasound protection


Amount of cells with acoustic protection


Noise level at the location of phone's micro, not less than

100 dB

Effective noise spectrum for ultrasound protection

22 - 26 kHz

Effective noise spectrum for acoustic protection

200 – 12 000 Hz

Residual word intelligibility not more than



Built-in Li-ion battery 10400 mAh,5V provides 20h running time

Dimensions, weight

470х370х180 mm , 10 kg

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