UDV - Under Door Viewer

The UDV under door viewer is an under-door camera suitable for use in total darkness. A black and white camera is built into a 6mm insertion plate with 28 LEDs powered by an internal battery. The LEDs are 940nm wavelength and completely invisible to the human eye. The camera has a wide-angle lens which results in superb room coverage. Unlike other under door cameras/viewers the UDV uses a USB connection. This means that it can be used on a tablet PC or Android Smartphone. The UDV is offered in two options: With the Conker NS8 rugged Windows 10 tablet or camera alone for use with a smartphone. The camera utilises ‘AMcap’ universal viewing software for Windows and the ‘Aimscope’ Android app for smartphones . The UDV is the obvious choice for a cost effective ‘point and shoot’ discrete under door viewing solution.

USB – Can be used with Windows tablets and smartphones
Specially designed insertion plate – Easy and effective to use
Built in 940nm IR LEDs – No red glow
Wide angle lens – Excellent 120° room coverage
Light weight – Just 560 grams
Cost effective solution – When compared with market equivalent

*Smartphone must have OTG (USB on the go) and download the ‘Aimscope’ app from the Google Playstore. Please note: The ‘Aimscope’ app is not available for the iPhone.

  • Contact us for pricing information.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Delivery time – approx. 4 weeks

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