UDV - Under Door Viewer


The UDV under door viewer is an under-door camera suitable for use in total darkness. A black and white camera is built into a 6mm insertion plate with 14 LEDs powered by an internal battery. The LEDs are 940nm wavelength and completely invisible to the human eye. The camera has a wide-angle lens which results in exceptional room coverage. Unlike other under door cameras/viewers the UDV uses a USB connection. This means that it can be used on any Windows device with a USB 2 input. Recording is easy with the AMcap viewing software that is pre-set up on the supplied tablet, with simple ‘start capture’ and ‘stop’ menu buttons. Images are JPEG and video files are WMV files, which will open easily on most computers.


USB – Digital image

Specially designed insertion plate – Easy and effective to use

Built-in 940nm IR LED’s – No red glow

Wide angle lens – Excellent 120° room coverage

Light weight – Just 500 grams

Cost effective solution – When compared to market equivalent



  • Contact us for pricing information.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Delivery time – approx. 4 weeks

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