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Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Southern Ontario, providing innovative and advanced TSCM and specialized technical intelligence equipment for commercial, government and law enforcement applications. Our equipment sales division works with industry professionals, developers and manufacturers, assisting in the research and development of equipment and technology to offer customized solutions for advanced operational requirements.

Our professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) operational personnel have extensive experience as members of military and law enforcement organizations, as well as in the private sector at the corporate level. Operational Specialists possess technical backgrounds offering more than 30 years of professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), counterintelligence, operational security, electronic and wireless signal intelligence experience.

Unique individual skills, experience and education provide additional areas of knowledge and expertise including  Technologists, Physical Search Specialists, law Enforcement Investigators, facility and event security, corporate and project management.

Participation in professional industry conferences, seminars, and specialized programs both in North America and around the world provides up to date knowledge with regards to equipment technology, electronic surveillance devices and systems as well as TSCM related occurrences on a global level.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides an extensive range of operational experience and knowledge required for the many aspects of professional TSCM service operations. We utilize a wide variety of techniques and methods both standard and proprietary, integrated with sophisticated equipment resources to help counter the many types of technical, non-technical, internal and external surveillance and intelligence gathering threats that exist.

Our professional operating policy and ethical standards ensure complete objectivity and confidentiality with all of our customers. We are committed to high-quality services, free from misinformation and false promises with a commitment to providing effective solutions.


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