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For all TSCM, SIGNIT, surveillance and intelligence applications.

TSCM and Intelligence Related Equipment and Services

WCS is a Canadian federal corporation providing professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), surveillance and intelligence-related equipment, training and services to government, law enforcement, security, and corporate organizations internationally, as well as to private individuals.

Our Equipment Sales Division offers advanced, specialized equipment and systems from manufacturers worldwide, along with equipment designed and manufactured in Canada. Our TSCM Specialists represent more than 30 years of experience with extensive technical and operational security related backgrounds with government and law enforcement, to provide a complete range of TSCM / counter-espionage services.

Experience, integrity and a commitment to outstanding customer service have helped us forge an unmatched level of trust with our clients in providing highly advanced, innovative technical equipment, and professional services.


Industry-leading software for TSCM, SIGINT, spectrum monitoring, data recording, post processing and digital signal analysis .

Wi-Fi Inspector GEO

Wi-Fi detection and network analysis system with  autonomous data collection, 24X7 monitoring, GPS support, and digital mapping.

IQ Process Pro

in-depth processing and post analysis of recorded IQ data in any format, with audio, video and digital signal demodualtion.

IRIS T1 Optical Covert Camera Detector

Features 30 high intensity red, green, and blue LED lights, variable intensity, and 14  operation modes.

VS1 Flexible Video Scope

The VS1is the first sub 1.0mm (0.95mm diameter) ‘all in one’ video scope with built-in glass fiber illumination.

360 IR Flexible Video Scope

The IR360 includes 940nm infra-red illumination, an armored flexible probe with camera sensor, and 4-way 360° articulation control.

Restricted TSCM and Intelligence Equipment, Systems and Training

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Surveillance, Covert Operations, and Intelligence related equipment and training, restricted to government and law enforcement organizations.

Our Mission & Vision

Providing experienced, professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services for all existing and developing requirements, customized for each individual client. 

The development and provision of innovative, specialized TSCM, surveillance, and technical intelligence equipment for  advanced operational applications.


TSCM Equipment Training

We were pleased to have hosted overseas DOD technical personnel for TSCM equipment training. The...

Specialized Countermeasures and Intelligence Solutions

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