Milipol Paris 2023 Conclusion

A big thank you goes out to everyone that visited the R&R Inteltech booth during Milipol Paris 2023, to test drive the all new IRIS T1 optical covert camera detector. We are extremely excited over the tremendous response we received during all 4 days of the show. Visitors were provided with a walkthrough of IRIS T1 features as well as practical demonstrations with a series of covert cameras including embedded pinhole over short, medium, and longer distances.

The IRIS T1 is equipped with several industry first features, including our external perimeter light array, 30 high intensity and narrow focused RGB LED’s, special implementation of both blue and white light, our optimized anti-glare rotation setting, cellular phone camera adapter, and 14 modes of operation.

With variable LED intensity and extended battery life, the IRIS T1 is the most advanced, highest performing, and flexible optical camera detector of its kind, in a compact lightweight design that can be customized to any target environment or individual operator preference.

For more information please visit IRIS T1 Optical Covert Camera Detector – Waypoint Counter Surveillance ( or visit the R&R Inteltech web site at