A New Generation of the most Advanced, Comprehensive, Industry Leading Software for Professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Local and Remote Spectrum Monitoring and Surveillance, Telecommunications, and Spectrum Management Applications. Supporting Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Corporate and Security Requirements at All Operational Threat Levels World-Wide.

RadioInspector is a highly advanced software application. Our design and engineering team has worked closely with the original software designers in partnership with associates from countries around the world to provide an application based on extensive international experience and requirements for professional operators.

RadioInspector offers a full range of the most advanced features that have ever been put together in one package, providing a complete and comprehensive solution designed for the high threat level requirements of corporate, government, military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations. This highly specialized capability and functionality provide professional operators with a technically sophisticated solution for technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) surveys/inspections, signals intelligence (SIGINT), in-facility or remote RF spectrum monitoring, telecommunications and spectrum management applications that are well beyond other stand-alone solutions in the current international market. Multiple instances of RadioInspector can be run from a single computer and dual or multiple receiver operations is supported either locally or remotely.

RadioInspector developers and partners don’t see all RF signals as the same or to be treated and analyzed the same way, but see them as unique individual events. Radiofrequency signals hold a wealth of information that once accessed can take away much of the guesswork and operator analysis time, while providing fast and accurate information, automatically identifying and classifying signals and providing the operator with precision information required while maximizing their sweep and analysis time. RF spectrum analysis has evolved to take advantage of signal waveform, header and I Q data and when combined with RadioInspector’s extensive sophisticated detection analysis and location features, offers a new generation of advanced capability for a wide variety of applications.

RadioInspector surpasses analog spectral analysis by providing, for the first time, industry-leading and TSCM sweep-enabling Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS) and Digital Test (DTEST) technology. RadioInspector’s SCARS subroutine analyzes, while spectrum scanning, every signal event that breaks an operator determined signal amplitude threshold, automatically. Every detected signal is analyzed according to supported modulation type including GSM, UMTS 3G, LTE, DECT, Bluetooth, Tetra, Apco25, DMR / MOTOTRBO, DPMR, IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee, ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, MiWi), NXDN, as well as  DVB-T, DVB-T2, and analogue TV (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) with on-screen demodulation, full signal parameter measurements and header information. For detailed Wi-Fi signal and network analysis, a critical area where many systems fall short, the Wi-Fi Inspector (GEO) hardware/software system was developed, further extending the signal classification analysis and recognition capability. Such technology allows each individual signal from supported communication standards to be identified and isolated, which is critical in noisy, complex and dynamic real-world RF environments as well as during remote monitoring. RadioInspector goes beyond common 2D spectral displays by providing a dynamic 3D waterfall display, where operators can easily observe individual signal artifacts ‘hidden’ between signal detection events, or be enhanced with the IQ analysis and constellation display, allowing for instant operator recognition of complex patterns that are undetectable with 2D waterfall displays.

Moreover, the extensive analysis toolbox of RadioInspector allows the operator to ‘point and click’ on any detected signal and complete parametric detail about the signal is presented for review or export for reporting. Signals that are detected and can be demodulated are automatically recorded for post-analysis by the built-in-digital audio analysis program, in frequency and time domain components. This program breaks down analog components of signals using various DSP algorithms offering unique and innovative TSCM-specific audio signal analysis capability with audio files saved, sorted and stamped by date, time and frequency. Audio files can also be transferred over a network or the internet for off-site review.

In addition, the entire sweep, not just isolated or threshold events, is automatically saved with time and date stamps in an integrity-protected database, which can be played back in its entirety in 2D and 3D views at operator selected speeds, for further analysis of TSCM critical events such as triggering signals for burst transmitters or harmonic identification. A search can be performed across previously saved sweep files by, date, time, frequency or span and detailed comparative differential analysis can be performed between any previously saved spectrum trace, or a spectrum reference trace can be created for comparative analysis from any portion of any previously saved sweep for unprecedented post-analysis capability. For each GSM, Bluetooth, DECT, IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee, ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, MiWi) or Wi-Fi signal, RadioInspector will have identified the device, automatically compare it at against a list of authorized devices and flagged any suspect signals or associated events and the operator will already know if it is the boardroom printer or the CEO’s laptop etc. In the case of LTE, GSM and UMTS 3G, RadioInspector monitors and displays the cellular network topology including uplinks and downlinks, with analysis allowing for the identification of cloned or rogue base stations which can be used for the interception of cellular phone traffic.

Signal detection is only the initial step in the Detect-Analyze-Respond cycle and as the complexity of an environment grows, it is this analysis of signals that will provide accurate, timely information in order to allow the TSCM operator to fulfill the cycle with precision. This is also particularly advantageous and even critical in a tactical sweep situation or for volatile environments where time is of the essence.

RadioInspector offers extreme flexibility, from software developed specifically for simpler scanning receivers such as those from Icom and AOR, to the most advanced flagship spectrum analyzers from manufacturers such as Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Keysight, and Signal Hound etc. In addition, RadioInspector is not simply offered in a ‘one size fits all’ package, but in a variety of configurations that can be customized for unique individual requirements including advanced TSCM operations and intelligence applications with detailed RF analysis, spectrum management, verification and regulatory compliance with intermodulation and interference analysis, true SIGINT capability with advanced high frequency signals analysis at resolutions as fine as 1 hertz while recording I and Q with quality digital filtering and audio recording, and even the ability (restricted) to control jamming equipment for selective jamming capability in support of government, military and law enforcement operations.

RadioInspector provides an advanced performance measurement subsystem for digital signal processing and precise frequency, field strength, occupied frequency bandwidth, and full signal parameter estimation measurements, with the ability to input transmitter co-ordinates and antenna height data. Metrological measurement support integrates antenna calibration data when calculating measurement results and accounts for antenna gain/loss factors, intermediate transmission line losses, and instrumental inaccuracies. Geographic information support provides integrated digital mapping with caching for offline use, geospatial co-ordinates for direction finding and drive-by testing support for telecom infrastructure. A Standard or optional sophisticated, Advanced Authorized Frequency Database is provided to store all signal analysis measurements with the associated spectrum, geographic and operational data in files that can be uploaded for further data collection or review at any time.

RadioInspector is also utilized as a sophisticated tool for advanced educational research and training applications at the university level and for postgraduate studies.


RadioInspector offers support for the largest and continually expanding list of more than 180 receivers, spectrum analyzers, and SDR instruments from leading professional manufacturers world-wide, many by direct customer request. Hardware requirements vary greatly for individual applications and RadioInspector provides maximum deployment flexibility, offering the most advanced solutions for the widest range of both current and future customer hardware investment.


  • RadioInspector is compatible with desktop, laptop and suitable tablet computers with Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1,10 and 11 Operating Systems.

Operational Security

RadioInspector utilizes a security coded USB dongle for activation and operation. Removal of the dongle from the computer USB port prevents access to the application. The Security dongle also allows RadioInspector to be installed on as many computers as the user chooses, and if a computer requires maintenance or causes issues in the field, the dongle can simply be moved to another computer requiring virtually no downtime or sweep interruption.

All RadioInspector programs have an embedded antivirus protection scheme against virus injection running under a compilation program. The program checks the CRC signature before it starts and if the signature is not valid, the program will not run. Programs headers are modified appropriately to vaccinate against virus intrusion. Modification of the header does not allow a virus to identify how it can build into the program’s body. This method of protection is used by many manufacturers.

In addition, RadioInspector does not transmit information to the Internet. This can be checked with any network sniffing software. Sniffers will find transmissions between the ports 47382, 47383, 47384 which are used for the transmission of data within the PC. The only program that receives data from the Internet is the Geographic Information support option, when downloading Open Street Maps content.

RadioInspector can be run via local or remote control for 24 X 7 spectrum monitoring, analysis, and complete sweep recording while offering high security and privacy for all government, military, law enforcement and private sector applications requiring remote connection and operation. Connections are provided via the RadioInspector I_master device program with separate security coded USB dongle running on a remote computer and do not require the use of uncontrolled or third party software.

For military and federal government requirements, RadioInspector supports remote connections utilizing a High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) such as Taclane-Mini KG-175G. (Note: Details on Taclane-Mini integration are restricted through government authority only).

For government sensitive unclassified, Protected B requirements, financial institutions and corporate organizations, RadioInspector supports remote connections with VPN X509 V3 digital certificates and NIST validated FIPS 140-2 crypto. Secure remote connections of this nature eliminate the inherent security vulnerability due to weak cryptographic keys and algorithm implementation associated with non-FIPS validated password initiated cryptographic remote access solutions.

For enhanced operational security with large scale government, military and law enforcement deployment applications, RadioInspector and its programming code are available, upon approval, for licensing under a formal agreement.

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