Integrated Database

Integrated, Integrity Protected Database

RadioInspector incorporates a modern, integrated database for storing operator-inputted frequency lists, measurement results and complete RF spectrum scans from beginning to end with all associated collected data including both 2D and 3D waterfall spectrograms. The database allows additional processing of measurement results and provides for increased reliability and immunity to data corruption.

RadioInspector stores all collected data from the electromagnetic spectrum in digital format. The collected and stored spectrum scan can be reproduced and replayed enabling all detected signals to be available for processing after the detection event has occurred.

All measurements made by the measuring instrument and displayed on the computer monitor are saved in the RadioInspector integrated database and can be post event processed and analyzed by RadioInspector’s signal processing algorithms. No signal will be lost even if the signal is a short-duration transient event detected only once during scanning of the radio frequency spectrum.

In addition to the integrated scanning database, RadioInspector includes two frequencies databases for the storing of detected signals and associated data:

  • Simple or Standard Frequencies Database


  • Advanced Frequencies Database

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