I Remote Check (Remote Monitoring Program)


Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Receiver Data Collection Points

Multiple receiver-sensors placed within a facility require spectrum data or log files to be checked separately or sequentially for threat data. Simultaneous review of multiple receiver collection points requires bandwidth intensive solutions that are complicated and very expensive to deploy efficiently while providing adequate performance.

RadioInspector’s I_Remote Check program was designed to provide operators or an organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC) with the ability to efficiently and effectively remotely monitor single or multiple RF spectrum sensor data collection points at a facility or surveillance location simultaneously 24 X 7, logging all signal events that break an operator determined threshold. The program connects to all receivers or collection points for monitoring over a LAN with RadioInspector and does not require third party software.

Display a Facility Floor Plan or Geographic Area Map

I_Remote Check is a separate program providing operators with the ability upload a facility floor plan or area map via built in Open Street Maps on the visual interface and place the location of each receiver-sensor collection point directly onto the floor plan or map. The visual interface includes conditional icons displaying the status of each remote monitoring collection point, indicating whether the receiver is operational, idle (not scanning) or when a detection event has occurred.


Logging and Displaying Signal Events and Data

The program logs and displays the detection events for all combined receiver-sensor collection points simultaneously within the user interface. Information for each detected signal event includes receiver identification, time, date, frequency, signal level (db) and power over threshold (pkWt). The detected events can be saved to a separate file and multiple files can be created and stored.

When a signal event has been detected at any receiver/sensor collection point the operator can choose to have a custom audible alarm sound. The alarm can be programmed to sound one time or multiple times, at predetermined intervals.

RadioInspector runs constantly at each collection point during remote monitoring, recording, and storing all spectrum data locally for complete post analysis. Captured spectrum information, or scan files can be retrieved from each receiver/sensor and played back in real time for post-alarm event analysis using RadioInspector RP. In this way an alarm may be traced back and complete event technical parameters can be measured and assessed. Each unique event detected is saved locally at the receiver/sensor, within RadioInspector’s detected signal list file, with complete threat data available for upload to any RadioInspector system for continued data collection and post analysis or can be shared with any computer system world-wide, for review and post analysis using the stand-alone Signal list Viewer program.

Flexibility and Efficency

The I_Remote Check program provides a Security Operations Center or independent operator with the ability to have multiple receiver-sensor collection points monitored simultaneously for immediate reaction to signal events that are of interest with alarm notification, without the need to manually connect to each collection point separately to monitor information or review results. This capability provides significant efficiency which can be critical during live events or applications requiring quick tactical response.

Note: Thresholds are programmed separately for each data collection point within the main RadioInspector application by amplitude, power over threshold or the use of minimum, current or average traces values. Threshold tables can also be created with multiple sub-ranges and amplitude levels set across the entire spectrum or selected frequency ranges. The Dynamic Threshold feature can also be used during all spectrum monitoring applications utilizing a sophisticated algorithm for analyzing the spectrum trace, based on an analysis of all the points of each 10 MHz section of the spectrum during data collection, providing even greater flexibility and advanced capability during remote monitoring applications.

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