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Remote Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring

Receivers and spectrum analyzers can be connected to any computer which is connected via a LAN or the Internet to another computer where RadioInspector is running. This allows the set up of measuring instruments at remote locations to enable remote monitoring as well as to place receivers closer to antennas (to mitigate cable loss). Thus, the RadioInspector program can be run from different locations in a building, or between geographic locations via a TCP/IP network.

In order to address the requirements of remote spectrum monitoring while taking into account many of the issues encountered, RadioInspector provides a dynamic remote spectrum monitoring platform with several configurations allowing professional operators to adjust to different operational environments and client requirements.  

I_Master Device Configuration

RadioInspector provides operators with remote connection capability direct from within the proprietary I_Master Device program, offering additional security, requiring no third party software. Data is transmitted via TCP/IP protocol and a variety of connections can be utilized including LAN, ADSL, VDSL, wireless or optical, provided it uses TCP/IP with static/dynamic IP address or DNS name.

In this configuration, the local RadioInspector system can be controlled through a remote computer at any location, with all panoramas/spectrograms and collected data continuously streamed directly to and stored on the remote computer. Data is then available immediately for advanced post analysis at the remote computer or central analysis site, without requiring a network connection. To reduce traffic when transmitting audio data, operators can use a low sampling rate (8 – 12 kHz) or compress audio data. Audio compression is supported by both RadioInspector RT and I_MasterDevice programs. When using this type of configuration, If the network connection is lost or interrupted, data collection stops until reconnected. 

The I_Master Device configuration is designed for applications where a strong, stable network connection is available, data is required to be available at a central remote monitoring location for post processing or when security requirements prohibit use of outside or third party software.

Remote Desk Top Configuration

Connection via remote desktop software is available to operators for situations where network connections are slow and unstable, and require data to be recorded 24 X 7 without potential  interruption. In this configuration, data is stored on the local computer hard drive and post processing is either performed remotely or data files must be transferred for post processing at the remote computer or central analysis site. When using this type of configuration, if the network connection is lost, the system continues to run locally collecting and storing all data.

Wi-Fi Inspector: Dedicated Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring

In support of cyber security, the Wi-Fi Inspector hardware / software system was designed for TSCM specific applications and incorporates compact individual Wi-Fi receiver modules with RadioInspector Wi-Fi analysis software. Wi-Fi Inspector can be used as part of a complete spectrum analysis system or by itself for stand-alone Wi-Fi network and device detection, monitoring and analysis applications.

Each receiver module represents a “free-running” device with its own processor and memory, which can collect and store data autonomously for extended periods of time. Receiver modules perform sequential scanning of Wi-Fi channels (frequency bands), simultaneously isolating, identifying and displaying each individual Wi-Fi signal with a wide variety of associated recorded data for detailed analysis. An authorized device list (white list) can be programmed to immediately indicate new or unauthorized detected Wi-Fi devices. A single receiver module or multiple receiver modules can be deployed as a distributed system in a non-intrusive low profile manner for continuous 24 X 7 Wi-Fi remote monitoring.

* For more information please visit Wi-Fi Inspector system section of the web site.

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