Code of Ethics and Professional Business Conduct

Operating Standard: Code of Ethics and Professional Business Conduct

Waypoint Counter Surveillance recognizes the responsibility to both our clients and the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) profession to provide high-quality TSCM services with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

The very nature of TSCM services dictates the need for uncompromising ethical conduct and both integrity and professionalism have been cornerstones of our business development and will continue to be key factors in our future growth. While this commitment is at the center of all we do, trust and a reputation for honesty and confidentiality are just as vital to our customers when selecting a TSCM service provider and forming a business relationship.

To ensure our business practices accurately reflect our commitment, Waypoint Counter Surveillance adheres to a strict policy of ethical and professional business conduct. Our code of conduct embodies the fundamental principles that govern our ethical and legal obligations setting the standard for how we work together, deliver professional services and interact with our customers and associates.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance Company Personnel
1.1 Will comply with all local, provincial and federal laws and regulations across Canada and internationally while conducting ourselves and our professional duties with honesty and integrity, in accordance with the law and with company operational
standards and policies.

1.2 Will refuse any assignment that may knowingly interfere or subvert any legitimate law enforcement activity.

1.3 Will not undertake an assignment that is contrary to the security interests of Canada.

1.4 Will not associate in any manner with parties known to operate unethically or illegally and avoid professional association with those whose practices or reputation would compromise our ethical standards or diminish the profession.

2.1 Will maintain an objective manner to promote and encourage the highest level of conduct and ethics to ensure the TSCM profession is considered one of integrity and professionalism.

2.2 Will be open and honest about our capabilities and limitations.

2.3 Will provide accurate service reports free from false or misleading statements, data or information.

2.4 Will avoid raising an unnecessary alarm or providing an unwarranted false sense of security.

2.5 Will commit to possess and increase the required knowledge and skills to be proficient and relevant in the provision of services.

2.6 Will maintain federal and local security / criminal clearances.

2.7 Will operate with the highest regard for the safety of our company personnel, clients and the general public.

3.1 Will provide diligent and thorough TSCM services and consultation of the highest standards and moral principles for our clients.

3.2 Will foster honest and trustworthy relationships with all of our clients while acting in their best interests at all times, in accordance with the law and not for personal gain or benefit.

3.3 Will treat each client and their company personnel, associates and family members with the highest level of respect and understanding for their personal or business position and situation.

3.4 Will respect the rights and property of our clients, their company personnel, associates, family members and members of the general public.

3.5 Will treat fairly with the highest level of respect, all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age, health or national origin.

3.6 Will educate our clients in all areas of TSCM services to provide a better understanding and the ability to properly develop and execute a TSCM / counter-surveillance program.

4.1 Will operate under complete non-disclosure protocol with or without a formal written agreement and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all information obtained in the course of providing services and exercise extensive care to prevent its disclosure, unless requested by the client, or as required by law.

4.1 a) For the purpose of non-disclosure protocol, private, confidential or proprietary information will include, but is not limited to:

  • Client business or personal contact information.
  • Information provided or collected during meetings or discussions.
  • Information which is collected during services performed.
  • Information in reports or assessments.
  • Photographs or information on client locations or property used for reporting or assessments purposes.
  • Any information concerning the personal or business affairs of a client.

4.2 Will not disclose or use information collected during the course of providing professional services for personal gain or advantage including for use in marketing or for the purpose of soliciting business.

* For more information about the collection and storage of personal information, please visit the Privacy/Legal section of our web site.

5.1 Will deal openly and honestly with those areas that may be deemed a conflict of interest and will not act in any manner without proper authorization.

5.2 Will provide full disclosure for areas that may be deemed a conflict of interest and not act on or take advantage of such situations for business or personal gain.

6.1 Will be truthful and factual while not engaging in improper or unethical advertising by providing or publishing false or misleading information and claims.

6.2 Will not misrepresent any product or service for the purpose of soliciting business or to gain an unfair advantage.

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