Cayman 402 Non Linear Junction Detector

Cayman non-linear junction detectors are used for search operations. The CAYMAN 402 is designed for search and detection of hidden data capturing devices, mobile phones, SIM-cards and other electronic devices containing semiconductor components. Cayman 402 allows detecting and precise localizing of both working and non operational devices. This non-linear junction detector is able to distinguish natural semiconductors from artificial ones (metal, corrosion, metal-oxide-metal structure).
Competitive advantages:

The main distinctive feature of the CAYMAN is the multi-frequency irradiation mode, which provides a wide range of advantages from other detectors.


  • Increased selectivity (ability to distinguish electronic components with a background of metal-oxide-metal structures);
  • Increased probability of detecting electronic devices behind partially shielded surfaces (such as grid “netting”);
  • Optimal ratio of radiation power and detection range;
  • Ability to identify detected objects in Audio mode;
  • High detection sensitivity at a low output power;
  • Ability for effective operation in a complicated interference environment (reinforced structures, corrosion, etc.).
Updated model has improvements over the last model:
  • Modernized antenna, which increases detector selectivity;
  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions;
  • Simplified system of control and indication;
  • Use of common power supply batteries;
  • More ergonomic design: large telescopic bar and retractable armrest provide maximum comfort for the user.
Additional features:
  • Original signal processing algorithm enables reducing false responses and increases the selectivity as well as reaction speed
  • Software upgrades via USB;
  • Detector is supplied in a shockproof package.
Height 250 mm
Width 1500 mm (telescopic arm and elbow rest pulled out completely)
Thickness 130 mm
Weight 1.75 kg (with battery)
Case Plastic
Power supply 12
Frequency band 2-3 GHz
Battery life 3-4 hours
Battery charging time up to 3 hours
Delivery set:



No. in Figure

ST 400 CAYMAN non-linear junction detector



Rechargeable battery of type 18650



Power supply charger



Charging unit*






Semiconductor simulator (red marking)



Metal-oxide-metal structure
simulator (blue marking)



Operation manual


Transportation shockproof package


*charger and headphones are located at the bottom of the stacking (under nonlinear locator)

Cayman 400 Technical Characteristics:

Frequency range

2-3 GHz

The maximum radiated peak power

Less than 2W


circularly polarized

Operating modes

“search”, “audio”, “adaptation”

The range of sensitivity adjustment in manual mode

40 dB (5 steps of 8 dB each)


– visual

three 16 LEDs bars

– audible

built-in speaker, headphones

Power supply

2 Li-ion rechargeable batteries 3,7V (18650 type)

Run time of a fully charged battery

3-4 hours (depending on the operating mode)

Charge time

not more than 3 hours

Operating conditions

– temperature

+5 … +40 C

– humidity

not more than 85%

weight with battery

1.75 kg

Dimentions when folded 
(lenght, width, height)

510x130x145 mm

Dimentions with a fully extended telescopic handle and armrest

1500x130x250 mm

Weight of the full set                                                               


  • Contact us for pricing information.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Delivery time – approx. 4 weeks

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