RadioInspector Automatic frequency Correction Tables for Detected Signals and Demodulated Frequencies

RadioInspector now includes automatic correction (rounding up) of detected signal frequencies and frequencies of signals for demodulation, as per operator programmed tables.

In the list of detected signals (signals that exceed an operator determined threshold line) the signals are displayed with frequencies up to 1 Hz. This is useful when searching for illegal transmitters or interference (operating outside of the standard frequency step). However, a large number of neighbouring frequencies displaying a long number of digits after the decimal point decreases the visual presentation quality of the information provided to the operator.

A similar situation occurs with a frequency receiver, the source of demodulated audio signals. Inaccurate tuning to the frequency of the detected signal (including the frequency shift, relative to the communication standard’s frequency step) leads to deterioration in the quality of signal demodulation.

To address these situations in RadioInspectorRC and RadioInspectorRT programs, correction tables have been included for detected frequencies and tuning frequencies of the receiver (source of audio demodulation). Settings include start and stop frequencies, name of frequency or frequency band and step size in kHz. Once programmed, tables can be saved as individual files and uploaded for use at any time or shared and uploaded for use with any other RadioInspector system.

The tables are located in the common settings window or can be opened by clicking on the button located above the list of detected frequencies and on the control panel of the receiver, which is the source of the demodulated audio signal.

In addition, audio/voice demodulators have been added for DMR, APCO25 and TETRA communication standards (where encryption is disabled) with settings for recording and file storage options.

* RadioInspector provides advanced, comprehensive industry-leading radio frequency spectrum analysis, data recording, storage, post-processing and data management capability for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), SIGINT, local and remote spectrum monitoring, surveillance, telecommunications, and spectrum management applications. RadioInspector delivers powerful cost-effective solutions while offering high performance, stability, and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with sophisticated capabilities and functionality not available with other applications. RadioInspector supports the largest and continually expanding list of more than 145 receivers, spectrum analyzers and SDR instruments from leading professional manufacturers worldwide, providing customers with the greatest deployment flexibility and the widest variety of advanced solutions for both current and future requirements.