RadioInspector User Defined Spectrum Masks

 User-Defined Spectrum Masks

RadioInspector now provides the option to display operator-defined spectrum masks, which are overlaid onto the spectrum scanning GUI. Spectrum mask files can be created as required for individual frequencies or frequency bands, with name and descriptive information and individually or collectively displayed during spectrum scanning and analysis operations. Spectrum masks can also be displayed during post-analysis with the RadioInspector RP post-processing program.

Spectrum masks provide a static reference display of predetermined or known frequency spectrum allocations or specific standardized ranges. While this can assist with visual orientation of the spectrum and can help improve overall spectrum awareness, determining with any certainty, whether a signal belongs to a specific standard and is a potential threat, requires proper technical analysis. RadioInspector’s extensive list of features including RF signal performance measurement, IQ data and digital signal processing with classification and recognition technology, offers sophisticated and precise signal analysis. The addition of user-defined spectrum masks compliments this advanced technical capability.

* RadioInspector provides advanced, comprehensive industry-leading radio frequency spectrum analysis, data recording, storage, post-processing and data management capability for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), SIGINT, local and remote spectrum monitoring, surveillance, telecommunications and spectrum management applications. RadioInspector delivers powerful cost-effective solutions while offering high performance, stability and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with sophisticated capabilities and functionality not available with other applications. RadioInspector supports the largest and continually expanding list of more than 150 receivers, spectrum analyzers and SDR instruments from leading professional manufacturers worldwide, providing customers with the greatest deployment flexibility and the widest variety of advanced solutions for both current and future requirements.