RadioInspector: Enhanced IQ Data Recording Capability with Signal Hound BB60C

When using the Signal Hound BB60C, an IQ data stream with a selected bandwidth can be captured and recorded for a preset amount of time, with an individual file size of up to 640MB, and stored for post processing and analysis. A new option is now provided for the BB60C which allows the capture and recording of an IQ data stream with an operator selected bandwidth of up to 27MHz, with no preset restrictions on recording time, with an individual file size of up to 4.2GB.

This new feature update was designed for use in SIGINT and COMINT applications and represents a substantial increase in IQ data recording capacity with the BB60C, and is provided for all RadioInspector customers that utilize this receiver. In order to take advantage of this capability, operators will require a laptop with an i7 processor and a solid-state hard drive (SSD).

The BB60C can now be used in combination with RadioInspector as a compact IQ data recording platform up to 6GHz. Recorded and stored IQ data can then be analyzed by a specialized third-party application or using RadioInspector’s sophisticated IQ_Process program.

* RadioInspector provides advanced real-time digital signal processing and analysis, wideband IQ data stream capture and recording with post-processing and analysis, audio demodulation and signal classification and recognition for an expanding list of supported digital communication standards.