RadioInspector Enhanced Digital Demodulators and New Tablet Mode Option

Enhanced Digital Demodulators for Apco25, DMR and TETRA Communication Standards.

RadioInspector has enhanced the digital demodulators for Apco25, DMR / MOTOTRBO and TETRA communication standards, to improve analysis capability during on-site or remote monitoring and spectrum surveillance applications.

RadioInspector’s Digital Test (DTest) program capabilities provide audio demodulation for Apco25, DMR and TETRA signals (where encryption is not used). Now a variety of additional information is provided and displayed, where applicable, in the audio tuner and demodulation window including the date and time, frequency, communication standard identified, channel number, mobile or base station identification, condition (presence of audio, open channel, inactive channel, text / message transmission, private or group call etc.), source and destination identification, network color code, mobile country code (mcc) and mobile network code (mnc).

  • For DMR (2 channels) and TETRA (4 channels) the operator can select a channel manually for monitoring and analysis or set the system for automatic channel switching.
RadioInspector can also be programmed to analyze, classify and automatically record audio for APCO25, DMR and TETRA signals that break an operator determined threshold. Programmed settings include adjusting the recording quality (sample rates Hz) and recording duration. The operator can also analyze signals manually by selecting a signal of interest from the main scanning GUI.

The information displayed for each signal in the audio tuner and demodulation window can be saved and stored to individual files and re-loaded at any time for display. The information and can also be sent to a Microsoft Word document for print out and reporting applications.

RadioInspector ‘Tablet Mode’ Option.

RadioInspector now includes a new tablet mode setting for use with the RadioInspector RT/RC main scanning and analysis programs as well as the RadioInspector RP post processing and analysis program. The setting enlarges the GUI control buttons for the Geographic Information Support system as well as on the lower settings and analysis control tool bar. The larger buttons and icons provide a more comfortable visual experience and easier operational control when using tablet computers, 2-in-1 systems or laptops with smaller screen sizes.

Tablet or 2-in-1 computer platforms, properly configured for use with selected portable receiver hardware, can be utilized for advanced mobile or ‘walk around’ RF data collection and analysis, transmitter search and location, in-field interference analysis and for amplitude direction finding capability. Operators can take full advantage of RadioInspector’s advanced features during mobile field operations including performance signal parameter measurements, harmonic and interpolation analysis, discrete frequency inspection capability, digital signal processing, complete IQ capture with post processing and geographic information support system. Spectrum data collected is automatically written to storage and available immediately for post analysis on the tablet computer, if required.

The compact Wi-Fi Inspector receiver module can also be used with a tablet or 2-in-1 computer for a portable hand held Wi-Fi detection, analysis and location system in support of TSCM, cyber security and network analysis applications.

* RadioInspector provides advanced, comprehensive industry leading radio frequency spectrum analysis, data recording, storage, post processing and data management capability for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), SIGINT, local and remote spectrum monitoring, surveillance, telecommunications and spectrum management applications. RadioInspector delivers powerful cost effective solutions while offering high performance, stability and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with sophisticated capabilities and functionality not available with other applications. RadioInspector supports the largest and continually expanding list of more than 150 receivers, spectrum analyzers and SDR instruments from leading professional manufacturers world-wide, providing customers with the greatest deployment flexibility and the widest variety of advanced solutions for both current and future requirements.