RadioInspector: Simultaneous Multiple Receiver Connections and Montoring

RadioInspector software provides the ability to connect to multiple receivers simultaneously through a single application. From the measuring setup window, operators can connect additional receivers from the more than 150 supported instruments, by direct connection, remote connection or a combination of both.

Receivers are monitored in separate windows with all data streamed directly to the connected computer via RadioInspector’s proprietary ‘I_Master Device’ program. Data from each receiver is saved in separate, individual files to the RadioInspector database for recall and post-analysis.

* Files can be located for post-analysis with RadioInspector RP using individual file names or with search filters including date and time, frequency or frequency band and receiver model.

Multiple connections provide the ability to task different receivers to monitor separate frequency bands, perform discrete frequency monitoring and analysis, RF performance parameter measurements or IQ analysis. Receiver data collection points can form ‘RadioInspector Networks’ locally or internationally and be monitored individually, in groups or all at the same time.

The number of receivers that can be effectively monitored at one time with a single computer will be dependent on available memory and processing resources. However, RadioInspector has been designed with no limits as to the number of receiver connections that can be made. This provides government and law enforcement organizations with the flexibility to use the amount of resources they choose for any level of monitoring complexity.

RadioInspector’s stand-alone I_Remote Check program further compliments this capability by providing the option to monitor any number of receivers within the same network simultaneously for signals that break operator determined thresholds. In this case, data is recorded and stored on each local computer. When using the I_Remote check program, the location of each receiver can be displayed on an uploaded floor plan or a geographic map with live, active status icons, audible alarms and individually viewable detected signal lists.

* RadioInspector provides advanced, comprehensive industry-leading radio frequency spectrum analysis, data recording, storage, post-processing and data management capability for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), SIGINT, local and remote spectrum monitoring, surveillance, telecommunications, and spectrum management applications. RadioInspector delivers powerful cost-effective solutions while offering high performance, stability, and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with sophisticated capabilities and functionality not available with other applications. RadioInspector supports the largest and continually expanding list of more than 150 receivers, spectrum analyzers and SDR instruments from leading professional manufacturers worldwide, providing customers with the greatest deployment flexibility and the widest variety of advanced solutions for both current and future requirements.