RadioInspector: Digital Signal Analysis Program Updates

When analyzing IQ data in automated mode, for all detected signals across the spectrum, RadioInspector’s Signal Classification Analysis and Recognition System (SCARS) now provides the option to program-specific frequency ranges for operator selected digital communication standards, significantly decreasing the time required for analysis. In manual mode, a new point and click operation has been implemented to streamline the digital testing of operator selected signals during live spectrum scanning.

DSTAR, YAESU, ALINCO, NXDN and DPRM digital modes have now been added to RadioInspector’s Signal Classification Analysis and Recognition System (SCARS), for operators using the AOR AR-DV1 receiver with the AOR DTEST-DV1 program option.

2D View: Constellation Diagram Display

When performing digital signal processing in the RF signal analysis and performance measurement mode, a new 2D view constellation diagram option is now available to operators. The 2D view diagram enhances visualization and improves the quality of the display indicating changes in phase.

All three constellation diagrams (points, lines and 2D view) also display arrows within the diagram, indicating the phase position at that specific moment, and the direction of movement.

* RadioInspector provides advanced real-time digital signal processing and analysis, wideband IQ data stream capture and recording with post-processing and analysis, audio demodulation and signal classification and recognition for an expanding list of supported digital communication standards.