IQ Process Pro: Advanced Post Processing and Analysis of Recorded IQ Data.

RadioInspector’s IQ Process Pro is a sophisticated, stand-alone software application, providing in-depth post processing and post analysis of recorded IQ data. IQ Process Pro was designed for use with RadioInspector files recorded in wav format, but also supports the ability to process and analyze IQ data recorded in various file formats, and there are no limitations to the bandwidth or recorded file size that can be processed and analyzed. Operators can export and share recorded IQ data files and associated post processing results for review, or additional analysis.

Detailed visual analysis is performed in the time and spectral domains with configurable spectrum trace, spectrogram, IQ/phase/amplitude, and constellation diagram displays. Post processing is performed with advanced filtering and resampling tools allowing operators to identify, isolate and separate any signal from a wide recorded bandwidth for analysis, including those close to or obscured by the noise floor, in close proximity or in dense portions of the RF spectrum.


With the IQ Process Pro ‘DTest’ option, operators have the ability perform digital signal testing and classification during post analysis of recorded IQ data, for the expanding list of supported communication standards including GSM, UMTS (3G), DECT, Bluetooth, Apco25, DMR Mototrbo, TETRA, 802.15.4 (ZigBee etc.), DVB-T2 and analogue TV. The IQ Process Pro ‘Demod’ option provides audio demodulation (without encryption) for AM/FM, APCO-P25, DMR (MotoTRBO) and TETRA as well as video demodulation for DVB-T2 and analogTV (PAL/SECAM/NTSC).

The ability to perform advanced data processing, digital signal analysis with classification and audio/video demodulation during post analysis of recorded IQ data, provides a new level of technical capability across a variety of platforms in support of TSCM, SIGINT, COMINT and spectrum management applications.

* Additional digital signal analysis capabilities are in field testing, with announcements forthcoming.