TSCM Operations and Equipment Training

The recent 3 day online introductory TSCM operator and service management training programs provided an overview of TSCM services including threats, equipment, service techniques, vulnerability assessments, reporting and the management of TSCM operations.

RadioInspector TSCM software online orientation training provided an overview of the extensive system features and capabilities with demonstrations including the digital signal analysis (DTest) program, signal classification analysis recognition system (SCARS), and advanced IQ data analysis utilizing IQ Process Pro with audio demodulation and digital signal analysis (DTest) during post processing of recorded IQ data.

Wi-Fi Inspector (GEO) stand-alone hardware/software system online training was also provided. Training included a detailed review of the systems TSCM specific Wi-Fi network and device monitoring, detection and analysis features, low profile distributed deployment of multiple receiver modules providing 24 X 7 Wi-Fi monitoring with autonomous data collection, and the latest GPS support with Open Street Maps for mobile route and data recording.