RadioInspector: DVB-T2 Digital Signal Analysis

The DVB-T2 digital video broadcasting standard has been added to the RadioInspector digital testing (DTest) program. The DVB-T2 demodulator can analyze DVB-T2 signals at any frequency and can be used with the RadioInspector RT, RC and IQ Process Pro programs. The demodulator complies with ETSI EN 302 755, provides identification of DVB-T2 signals, and determines their main parameters including the occupied frequency band, the size of the FFT, the value of the protection interval, the number of transport streams in the signal, the modulation of service packets, and the modulation of each transport stream. Also, with sufficient quality of IQ, it allows operators to demodulate transport streams (*. ts files), to receive both audio and video content.

Using the IQ Process Pro program, IQ data recorded and saved by any instrument can be uploaded, with the ability analyze DVB-T2 signals and demodulate both  audio and video content during post analysis.