RadioInspector 64 bit Software

Work has begun on converting RadioInspector programs to a new 64-bit version. Initially, all programs were designed in 32-bit mode. Unfortunately, 32-bit mode allows operators to work with only 3 GB of RAM, which is not enough for the latest spectrum analyzer Instruments.

Radio monitoring applications require broadband signals analysis (20, 40 and more MHz) or wide frequency range monitoring in real-time. Contemporary devices allow transmitting IQ streams with a sampling frequency of 40 to 160 MHz. This means that for each one-second IQ analysis, 320 MB to 1.28 GB of RAM must be allocated for IQ storage. In addition, more RAM is required to process these signals, therefore, for signal analysis using the latest spectrum analyzers, receivers and SDR instruments, a computer with a powerful CPU, 16 or 32 GB of RAM and large-capacity SSD is required.

RadioInspector software supports upwards of 200 measuring devices that have been produced over the past 20 years. While it is not possible to convert all devices to 64-bit and perform testing, all new devices will be connected and tested with 32 and 64 bit software. RadioInspectorRT and I_MasterDevice software will be delivered to the customers in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to ensure correct operation with different devices. Both versions have the same functionality, so the version choice depends on the device support of 32 or 64 bit.