RadioInspector RT-Group: Real-Time, Simultaneous Multiple Receiver Spectrum Trace Display, Monitoring and Comparative Analysis

RadioInspector’s new RT-Group option allows operators to connect remotely to multiple RadioInspector monitoring systems operating in a single network and display any number of live RF spectrum traces simultaneously, in real-time, on a single computer spectrum scanning GUI, for immediate and continuous comparative analysis. Connected instruments can be comprised of any RadioInspector supported receivers or spectrum analyzers, and all collected data is logged and saved on each individual system for complete post analysis.

A small control bar is displayed for each connected system providing the ability to display or remove the live trace from the spectrum GUI, increase or decrease the trace db level for better separation and visual comparison, use as a reference trace, and save the trace as a new file for future reference or to create a threshold.

The RT-Group option allows operators to compare the dynamics of the RF environment in real time with a reference data collection point and additional spectrum monitoring systems within a target location. This greatly enhances the localization of signals of interest by utilizing a multi-zone network.

The RT-Group option supports 24 X 7 spectrum monitoring applications, which has become critical for the detection of electronic surveillance devices utilizing digital technology including GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi etc. These devices are commonly designed to collect data passively, are controlled remotely, and transmit on demand for short periods of time. This greatly decreases the probability of detection and the effectiveness of conventional, limited time on-site, and “walk around” RF detection solutions.

For specific monitoring applications, the RT-Group option can also be used along side RadioInspector’s I-Remote Check program, providing real-time simultaneous monitoring of multiple data collection points for signals that break an operator determined threshold. I_Remote check includes alarm indication, GPS supported digital mapping and facility floor plan display, with live data collection point operational status.

With the increasing sophistication of electronic surveillance technology, the provision of high speed 24 X 7 RF monitoring, detailed spectrum data recording, and deep post analysis capability have become essential countermeasure requirements.

* Additional advanced features for the RT-Group program are forthcoming, and will provide expanded functionality for real-time on-site signal analysis, remote monitoring, and transmitter location capability!