RadioInspector: LTE and dPMR Digital Signal Analysis

RadioInspector’s LTE (4G) demodulator is part of the digital testing (DTest) program and allows operators to analyze current 4G wireless communication networks and determine the network topology. The demodulator provides a variety of information about LTE signals including the country, operator (service provider), location area, sector, uplink frequencies and frequencies of neighbouring LTE and UMTS (3G) base stations within the network.

The LTE demodulator is also available with the stand-alone IQ process Pro program, for post analysis of stored IQ data collected from any spectrum analyzer, receiver, or SDR instrument, with signal classification and analysis of supported digital communication standards.

The digital private mobile radio communication standard (dPMR) is also now included in the digital testing (DTest) program, providing dPMR signal classification and analysis. Information provided by the demodulator includes the source, destination, color code, content, and version. Audio demodulation of dPMR signals can be performed during post analysis of saved IQ data using the IQ Process Pro program.

The LTE and dPMR demodulators follow the addition of DVB-T2 to the digital signal analysis capability over the past year, with more communications standards currently in development. RadioInspector provides highly advanced digital signal analysis for TSCM applications during high speed spectrum scanning, 24 X 7 spectrum monitoring, and during detailed post analysis of recorded spectrum data, all of which are critical to countering modern digital threats.