RadioInspector: Enhanced Identification and Visual Display of Digital Signal Analysis Results

RadioInspector’s digital testing (DTest) program provides operators with the ability to identify, display and highlight digital signals that have been detected, analyzed, and classified, directly on the spectrum scanning GUI with reference data. Current digital standards that can be displayed include GSM, UMTS, LTE, TETRA, APCO-25, DMR, dPMR, DVB-T2 as well as analogue video.

In addition to the main 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE  frequencies analyzed, the associated neighbouring (related/linked) signals of base stations including the uplink frequencies, within the entire frequency band being scanned, are automatically identified, displayed, and highlighted on the spectrum GUI.

A separate window is also displayed with a ‘tree of information’ for detected, analyzed, and classified digital signals. In this window the operator can choose to display and highlight all signals simultaneously on the spectrum GUI, or display only selected signals for specific analysis requirements. If a GPS receiver is utilized along with the Geographic Information Support System option, the coordinates of the measurement point are recorded and shown and can be displayed on the digital map. All detected signals with associated data can be saved to a separate file and a database can be created by customer or location etc. Stored files can be loaded at any time for display, analysis and additional data collection.


This new feature offers operators greater digital spectrum clarity, awareness, and monitoring capability, with an enhanced view of the cellular topography and associated frequency activity.

* RadioInspector provides advanced digital signal analysis for TSCM applications during high speed spectrum scanning, 24 X 7 spectrum monitoring, and during detailed post analysis of recorded spectrum data, which are critical to countering modern digital threats and mitigating the decreasing effectiveness of limited time on site, and hand held walk around RF detection solutions.