Computer and Cellular Phone Forensics

Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to offer computer, tablet and cellular phone forensic services to our growing customer base. Services range from the verification of spyware/malware, to full forensic data extraction. Extraction of both existing and deleted data can be provided, along with complete documentation designed for use in a court of law. Device data can be extracted for examination on-site at a client location, or the device can be sent to us for examination, and then returned. This allows us to provide forensic services to customers locally or nationally.

Computers and mobile devices are common targets for data left, privacy invasion, and intelligence gathering. The addition of forensics further extends our TSCM/Cyber counter espionage services, which includes complete Wi-Fi access point, device, and network detection and analysis, as well as  24 X 7 monitoring and data collection, with programmable authorized device list.