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Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is pleased to provide the following business news, company information and operational updates as we continually strive to improve, expand and refine our advanced and highly specialized products and services.

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Government Equipment Training and Demonstrations: Europe

We recently completed our latest trip to Europe to meet with customers as well as to provide TSCM equipment operator training that featured RadioInspector and Wi-Fi Inspector, with classroom and practical exercise sessions. During our 10 day trip, we provided customer...

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RadioInspector: Automatic IQ Data Recording and Storage

RadioInspector now provides the ability to automatically record and store IQ data for signals that break an operator determined threshold, including RadioInspector’s unique, first of its kind dynamic threshold. Operators can enter a sampling rate (kHz) and recording...

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RadioInspector New Geographic Information Support System

RadioInspector has added a new Geographic Information Support System based on Open Street Maps. Operators can select Open Street Maps from the common settings window, which is free to use and accessible immediately from within the RadioInspector GUI. Once an area has...

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