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Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is pleased to provide the following business news, company information and operational updates as we continually strive to improve, expand and refine our advanced and highly specialized products and services.

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RadioInspector: LSB and USB Audio Demodulation

RadioInspector has added audio demodulators for LSB and USB standards when using devices that allow you to receive an IQ stream with a sampling frequency of at least 6 kHz. The demodulators use a filter at the adjacent channel frequency (which is used to restore the...

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RadioInspector: LTE and dPMR Digital Signal Analysis

RadioInspector’s LTE (4G) demodulator is part of the digital testing (DTest) program and allows operators to analyze current 4G wireless communication networks and determine the network topology. The demodulator provides a variety of information about LTE signals...

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Canadian Defence Exchange Virtual Event

Waypoint Counter Surveillance was pleased to have taken part in the Canadian Defence Exchange virtual event in May. The Canadian Defence Exchange event was followed by the Canadian Defence Marketplace global platform virtual event, which provided business-to-business...

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RadioInspector 64 bit Software

Work has begun on converting RadioInspector programs to a new 64-bit version. Initially, all programs were designed in 32-bit mode. Unfortunately, 32-bit mode allows operators to work with only 3 GB of RAM, which is not enough for the latest spectrum analyzer...

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RadioInspector Hardware Support: ThinkRF R5500

RadioInspector now provides support for the ThinkRF R5500 series spectrum analyzers. The device allows operators to perform digital analysis of all signals included in the DTest program option. However, the analysis of broadband signals (DVB-T2, DVB-T, UMTS, LTE)...

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RadioInspector: DVB-T2 Digital Signal Analysis

The DVB-T2 digital video broadcasting standard has been added to the RadioInspector digital testing (DTest) program. The DVB-T2 demodulator can analyze DVB-T2 signals at any frequency and can be used with the RadioInspector RT, RC and IQ Process Pro programs. The...

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TSCM Operations and Equipment Training

The recent 3 day online introductory TSCM operator and service management training programs provided an overview of TSCM services including threats, equipment, service techniques, vulnerability assessments, reporting and the management of TSCM operations....

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