Determining the Risk

Determining the risk of compromise, technical surveillance or information loss for individuals or businesses can be confusing depending on the situation. When we talk about risk, we are looking at the overall exposure to the possibility of information loss as well as the probability for this to happen. Factors to look at when trying to determine whether or not you are at risk or could be the target of some form of espionage include the levels of influence or power resulting from business or personal position as well as the collection, storage and access to confidential or sensitive information. Individuals as well as businesses should also determine the financial value of such information, what party or parties would benefit and what advantage would be gained from its acquisition.

It is also important to remember that the eavesdropper or individuals who attempt to steal information will look for the most vulnerable or weakest target in which to acquire the information. If your personal or business information is of value, targets can include your home, friends, co-workers, business associates, vendors, contractors, or anyone else who has access to the selected information. If you are involved with a legal issue, the target may be the attorneys involved. Many times someone will feel safe due to the steps they have taken to secure sensitive or confidential information either at home or at their place of business, but neglect to consider external sources where information can be obtained.

Many methods of obtaining information can be utilized and are not limited by any means to electronic surveillance devices. Infiltration, social engineering, collection of discarded or recyclable material (such as poorly shredded or non-shredded reports or documents), mail theft or even break and enter are just a few examples of ways information can be obtained. We are also in the age of portable information with the internet, laptops, and cellular devices, all of which are targets for compromise. Larger more complex business environments involve more avenues with which information can be acquired, and greater numbers of employees can increase the amount of access to various forms of information. Complacency, carelessness and poor security practices all contribute to the loss of confidential information. You must always consider these types of vulnerabilities when trying to assess your level of risk.

* Both intelligence gathering techniques and TSCM services encompass more than just electronic surveillance devices which are one part of a much broader picture. Our evaluations and assessments include potential internal and external sources of compromise and non-technical and cyber security related weakness that can lead to the loss of private, confidential or proprietary information.

* If you feel as though your personal or business environment has been targeted, continue with your normal routine but discontinue activities where sensitive or confidential information is concerned and contact us as soon as possible.

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