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While businesses and organizations are at a higher risk today of economic espionage, many do not include proper TSCM/counter surveillance services as part of their overall security posture.

Larger businesses and organizations are not immune to hype and misinformation, and often involve higher threat levels and complex target environments. While there are a variety of TSCM service providers with varying degrees of experience and training, many organizations do not have sufficient knowledge of TSCM services. This can make the process of contracting a provider and ensuring proper services are performed very difficult.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance takes the uncertainty out of the process providing highly trained TSCM Specialists with technical security, operational security, cybersecurity and intelligence-related backgrounds, utilizing the most sophisticated electronic equipment resources. Our services include teams of highly skilled TSCM operators which vary in number depending on individual requirements, offering levels of customization and capability for assignments of any size, complexity or threat level both locally and across Canada.

The diverse experience of our TSCM Specialists includes extensive knowledge of offensive and defensive technical intelligence equipment and operations. Many years of practical experience working in large corporate business environments provides us with a unique understanding of corporate culture, and the challenges faced by business executives and management. We create workable counter-surveillance strategies based on the requirements and within the parameters outlined by any organization.

TSCM Survey / Inspection Services:

  • Trained and experienced TSCM Operational Specialists.
  • An Initial threat and vulnerability assessment through client discussion and preliminary review of the target location(s) including an analysis of non-technical, counterintelligence related issues.
  • Detailed physical inspections of all target areas.
  • Detailed RF spectrum analysis.
  • Signal classification, analysis, and recognition of digital communications standards including GSM, UMTS 3G, LTE, DECT, Bluetooth, Tetra, Apco25, DMR, DPMR, IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee), NXDN, as well as  DVB-T, DVB-T2, and analogue TV.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz device detection, identification and network analysis.
  • RF near field broadband analysis up to 12 GHz.
  • Non-linear junction detection (NLJD) and analysis (2.4 GHz).
  • Laser / Infrared (IR) device detection.
  • AC/VLF power line, carrier current device detection.
  • Hidden or covert optical camera inspection.
  • Video RF transmission signal analysis
  • Acoustical (audio) leakage analysis.
  • Physical and electronic inspection of telephone lines and equipment.
  • Thermal imaging analysis.
  • A limited ultraviolet (UV) scan of critical surfaces in key areas (where practical) to check for signs of physical disturbances that may indicate possible tampering.
  • Computer hardware physical examination with a non-forensic computer security and vulnerability analysis, including wireless networks.
  • In place live or remote RF spectrum monitoring with programmable DECT, GSM, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi authorized signal/device lists.
  • Pre and post-construction security surveys.
  • TSCM support for protective operations.
  • Detailed technical reports.

*Cellular phone and computer forensics are provided as a separate service upon customer request.

* Waypoint Counter Surveillance will provide or agree to a full non-disclosure agreement when required or requested. However, whether or not a formal agreement is required we always operate under full non-disclosure protocol. It is against our operating policy to disclose or otherwise publish any information unless requested by law including clients and their contact or business information, TSCM testing results or data, survey / inspection findings, threat assessment analysis information or photographs of client facilities or property used in assessments or reports, even if they are completely non-identifiable in nature. It is our commitment to the protection of your organizations’ privacy and confidential information.

* Our TSCM services for larger business, corporate and government clients utilize our extensive experience, training, and knowledge combined with advanced equipment resources to help ensure the highest quality services are provided for your organization. Our services are provided for clients with individual as well as multiple locations.

TSCM Consulting

Advanced Distant Operations Services:

Organizations with locations requiring long-distance travel nationally or internationally have an even more difficult task for implementing TSCM services or programs. While continuity of service may be preferable, especially when dealing with security measures, the reality is that utilizing a single TSCM service provider may not always be a practical solution or in the best interests of the customer due to logistics, expenses involved, operator scheduling difficulties, legal issues and equipment restrictions between countries as well as for situations or emergencies where limited time is a key factor.

These types of situations should never be treated as an afterthought. Our TSCM consulting services were designed to deal with situations where the use of a single operator would adversely affect or put the security posture of an organization at risk, allowing us to provide solutions that put the best interests of our clients first. In these instances, only top professional operators with the highest levels of experience and training are utilized and we do not collect any fee or type of compensation from any operator whose services are contracted which allows us to be completely objective in our recommendations and decisions eliminating any conflict of interest issues. Honesty and integrity are key factors of our operating policy and in creating trust with all of our clients.

Our consulting services provide solutions for assignments that could not otherwise be addressed while providing full continuity for all technical security programs. In addition, we provide centralized billing and as with all of our TSCM services, non-disclosure protocol is always in effect.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and assessing or evaluating security controls, systems and services is a vital element to implementing successful security measures and programs for any organization. This will help to determine whether the measures utilized meet the requirements of the organization and deliver the intended results. For TSCM services, it will also help prevent being provided with false information and will enable verification of equipment and testing performed. However, without the proper knowledge, information and experience, monitoring and assessing such services become an issue. Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides the ability to not only manage programs internationally but to monitor all services for continuity and quality assurance.
Threat and Vulnerability Counterintelligence Assessments
Information can be obtained or intercepted in a variety of ways other than through electronic surveillance. We provide non-technical counterintelligence survey’s, helping to reduce the risk further by identifying additional security weaknesses, which are often overlooked and can result in serious compromise. While counter Intelligence surveys are provided as part of our TSCM services, they are also performed as a separate stand-alone service.
Our TSCM Consulting Services Include:
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments through client discussion and preliminary review of the target location(s).
  • Professional TSCM services internationally
  • Coordinating all aspects of programs or services performed.
  • A single point of contact.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of TSCM services performed.
  • Client review of TSCM service reports.
  • Development and coordination of future TSCM services or programs.
  • Client education of TSCM / technical security services.
  • Single centralized billing.

Whether you are looking for a one-time TSCM inspection or an ongoing program consisting of a single location or multiple locations nationally or internationally, Waypoint Counter Surveillance’s specialized TSCM services will manage all aspects of the process from beginning to end. In essence, we become a part of your organization, working on your behalf to not only help provide a better understanding of TSCM services but also to help ensure delivery of the highest quality professional technical security services while developing effective counter-surveillance strategies and solutions.

* Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides our clients with the ability to manage TSCM services on an international level with complete 100% objectivity, free from any conflict of interest issues or concerns. We protect our clients against sub-par services and solutions, saving time and effort by eliminating the difficulty and uncertainty of the process and increasing the overall value of any TSCM service or program.

* Monitoring, evaluation and training are available as individual services for organizations with in-house Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) programs to help provide assistance and ensure quality in-house surveys / inspections. Our services can be provided as a one-time event or as part of an ongoing program.

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