Cyber Security Services

Computers, cellular communications, portable electronic devices and the networks they are connected to have fast become one of the most common targets for obtaining sensitive, private or confidential information. Every individual, business or organization now requires measures to be put in place as an essential part of their overall security posture to help protect against unauthorized access to these systems and information.

When we talk about Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services, it has become impossible not to think about cybersecurity while assessing both threat and risk levels. As with other forms of information left, threats can be of an internal or external nature and can be attacked can be performed either physically on-site or electronically from virtually anywhere in the world.

Much like desktop and laptop computers, portable tablet computers and cellular devices are just as susceptible to compromise via malicious software. Portable devices are taken into environments outside the normal place of business or residence where existing security systems and safeguards may be in place facing an entire range of potential hazards. These devices often see greater use than computers and can be a major source of both personal and business information.

Cybersecurity threats and methods of compromise are evolving as quickly as the technology they are dependent upon and professional cybersecurity services require not only the appropriate technical knowledge but extensive multi-environment working experience and training.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is bridging the gap between TSCM and Cyber Security. Our TSCM survey/inspection services include computer hardware physical examinations, non-forensic computer, wireless network security and vulnerability analysis, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz device detection, identification and network analysis.

Computer and Cellular Forensic Services

Computer Forensics is broadly defined as the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, analysis, and presentation of computer usage/activity. Computer forensic examinations can be used to identify or discover activities such as:

  • Altercation of computer files and/ or records, word processing documents, spreadsheets, accounting records, client records/employee records.
  • Discovery of forged or created records and documents.
  • Theft of company documents, records, files and/or trade secrets.
  • Corporate espionage or sabotage of computer files and/or records.
  • Corporate or Employee malfeasance.
  • Falsification or manipulation of billing and/or accounting records.
  • Cyberstalking or harassment.
  • Identity theft.
  • Deleted computer files and records.
  • Inappropriate computer use.
  • Internet Browsing / Web History.
  • The decryption of password-protected or encrypted files.

Forensic services for cellular devices including phones and tablet computers are performed to determine if compromise exists by identifying and isolating possible viruses and spy/malware. Once confirmed, malicious programs can be documented as evidence or removed from the device.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. works in partnership with industry specialists in this area, to provide our clients with access to professional Computer and Cellular Forensic Services conducted by Certified Examiners.

* Computer Forensic Services are highly specialized and are provided as a stand-alone service and as such are billed separately from our TSCM services. Our clients have the flexibility to have these services performed as part of a counter-surveillance/technical security program or as an individual security measure.

* Contact us for more information or to discuss Cyber Security and Computer Forensic Service requirements.

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