Frequently Asked Questions

I think I may be compromised, what should I do?
If you feel your residence or organization has been compromised, it is important to not tip off the eavesdropper. When contacting us by phone, please ensure you are calling from a payphone, cellular phone or land line that is located outside of the immediate suspect environment. Do not talk about your suspicions or your decision to contact a TSCM service provider.
How much do TSCM survey / inspection and consulting services cost?
All of our fees are quoted as flat rates. By using a flat rate fee structure, you know your costs up front with no hidden or extra charges.

We understand that each assignment is unique and requirements will vary from client to client. We also believe that you should receive the best possible service. Our professional TSCM services are designed and priced specifically to provide the the highest quality and value. We work with each client to provide cost effective technical security solutions designed specifically for their individual requirements and budgets.

Who should be concerned?
There are many long lists available with different types of people, professions and businesses that should be concerned about being the target of electronic surveillance. These lists seem to include virtually everyone in one way or another trying to convince people of the need for TSCM services.

Most businesses or individuals know if they have information that requires protecting or is at risk and if they have concerns, should take steps to rectify such concerns. In short, individuals or organizations of any size that collect or store confidential information, have proprietary information of their own, are involved in matters of litigation, labour disputes or financial dealings may find the need for TSCM services. Individuals or organizations that have acquired positions of power or influence or individuals experiencing issues or disputes with family members, friends, neighbours or business associates may also require TSCM services.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we can discuss your situation and individual requirements.

Do you offer a guarantee with your TSCM services?
While we are extremely confident in our abilities and in the services we provide, no Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) survey/inspection can provide a 100% guarantee as to the presence of electronic surveillance equipment. Any such guarantees involving device detection provide nothing more than a false sense of security.

The opinions expressed during any TSCM service or in a report are subject to both equipment and personnel limitations as well as any limitations that may exist at the inspection site. While such services can provide an additional layer of protection, the effectiveness of any TSCM service will be limited without access controls and other elements of security.

Electronic Countermeasures detection is not an exact science and like other forms of security testing, TSCM services provide you with a snapshot of conditions at a particular time and are in no way a guarantee as to the presence of electronic surveillance devices either before or after the inspections are completed. For added assurance and protection, TSCM services should be repeated periodically or on an ongoing basis as part of a technical security program.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance operates with professional and ethical standards providing a commitment to accurate honest information free from over-exaggeration or false promises.

What is your geographical area of operation?
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is based in Southern Ontario, east of Toronto. We provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasure services to individuals, small and large businesses, corporate and government clients with locations in Ontario and across Canada as well as internationally. When travel is required, all costs are always provided up-front (where possible), requiring client approval before any work is performed.

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