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Waypoint Counter Surveillance’s TSCM Specialists utilize sophisticated and highly advanced equipment resources from many major TSCM equipment manufacturers along with telecommunications and electronic test equipment manufacturers.

It should be remembered that regardless of how sophisticated, specialized or capable various equipment resources might be, operator experience, ability, and technique will ultimately determine the effectiveness of any technical security service or program.

Our TSCM Specialists are trained and highly experienced operators with backgrounds in technical security and are actively involved in research and development equipment projects with new and evolving technologies.

Considerable expense is incurred not just for the cost of acquiring equipment but also for maintaining operational capabilities through equipment maintenance and upgrades, to consistently meet all operational field requirements and ensure peak performance.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance has a commitment to all of its clients to provide the highest quality technical security services and programs. The training and extensive experience of our operators with advanced equipment resources, methods, and techniques, provides a combination that has placed us at the forefront of the TSCM service industry in Canada.

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