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TSCM Inspection Services:

Small business and residential customers are faced with increasingly difficult decisions when looking to acquire Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) or electronic debugging / bug sweep services, often under a variety of situations.

Our TSCM services can be tailored to meet any requirement with an effective combination of equipment, methods, and techniques that allow us to focus on the unique issues, individual environments and level of threat encountered. Our TSCM specialists provide an honest assessment of your situation and perform services designed not only for locating all forms of electronic surveillance and neutralizing threats and but also to mitigate the potential for future compromise by raising the level of overall security awareness.

TSCM services are more than just technical or electronic in nature and while this area of service is absolutely essential, physical inspection skills and techniques along with non-technical counterintelligence related evaluations are just as vital. It can be easy to rely completely or too heavily on equipment and such practices can leave customers unknowingly open to other forms of compromise.

Waypoint Counter Surveillance approaches each assignment with the highest respect for both our clients and their particular situations. You can be assured of our commitment to your privacy, and we treat each assignment with a sense of urgency while understanding and thoroughly addressing each of your concerns.

Our TSCM services include: (Dependent on client requirements)

  • Trained and experienced TSCM Operational Specialists.
  • An initial threat and vulnerability assessment, determined through client discussion and preliminary review of the target location including an analysis of non-technical, counterintelligence related issues.
  • Detailed physical inspection of the target area.
  • Detailed RF spectrum analysis.
  • Signal classification, analysis, and recognition of digital communication standards including GSM, UMTS 3G, LTE, DECT, Bluetooth, Tetra, Apco25, DMR, DPMR, IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee), NXDN, as well as  DVB-T, DVB-T2, and analogue TV.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz device detection, identification and network analysis.
  • RF near field broadband analysis up to 12GHz.
  • Non-linear junction detection (NLJD) and analysis (2.4 GHz).
  • Laser / Infrared (IR) device detection.
  • AC/VLF power line, carrier current device detection.
  • Hidden or covert optical camera inspection.
  • Video RF transmission signal analysis.
  • Acoustical leakage analysis.
  • Physical and electronic inspection of telephone lines and equipment.
  • Thermal imaging analysis.
  • A limited ultraviolet (UV) scan of critical surfaces in key areas (where practical) to check for signs of physical disturbances that may indicate possible tampering.
  • Computer hardware physical examination with a non-forensic computer security and vulnerability analysis, including wireless networks.
  • Detailed technical reports

*Cellular phone and computer forensics are provided as a separate service upon customer request.

At the completion of the initial service, future or follow up services as part of an ongoing program can be developed providing our small business and residential clients with a means by which they can continue to protect their information and privacy.

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